A warm welcome from your family physicians and heart specialists

A team of experienced medical professionals, led by specialists for internal medicine and cardiology Dr. Frank Beekman M.D. and Dr. Rainer Ruf M.D., welcomes you to our state-of-the-art doctor’s practice in Berlin- Friedrichshain. We are your contact for all general medical questions and in particular for questions about the health of your cardiovascular system. You can put your trust in our profound expertise, supported by up-to-date advanced technology and our focus on customer service. As primary care physicians and cardiologists, we are here for you.

Mission statement

For us as a team, a trusting doctor-patient relationship is an indispensible foundation for our work. That is why we take time for you, see you as a whole, individual person – not just a collection of symptoms – and place great importance on consultation. Every patient, regardless of descent, religion or social postion, can expect our 100% attention and care. Not until you not only feel you have received excellent medical care, but when you also feel comfortable, have we lived up to our mission statement...

Healthy air doesn't need open windows

You might be surprised that all windows in our practice rooms are closed - even in summer and during pandemic times. The reason lies in our special air conditioning system: It not only ensures pleasant temperatures, but also filters pollutants and pathogens such as viruses and bacteria from the practice air.mehr


Currently no vaccination certificates are issued

We would like to help you as soon as possible so that you can get an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination. Contrary to public reports, the procedure for the proof of authorization hat not been clarified with the Senate Department for Health.

Please understand that we are currently not issuing any medical certificates. Probably in the first week of March it will be clear how patients can prove their right to an COVID-19 vaccination. We would be happy to support you.


Dear patients,

Due to the current situation of corona viral disease (COVID), we have established the following rules for our practice in order to maintain outpatient care:

1. In our doctor's office there is an obligation to wear mouth and nose protection. Please only take this off when requested by our practice staff.

2. Unless there is an important reason, accompanying persons must wait outside.

3. Please contact us by phone or email before coming to our office without an appointment. You can use our online appointment service for our general medical consultation.

4. We do not test for coronavirus / COVID in our practice because we lack the options for further care and isolation of the patients. If you have a reasonable suspicion of an infection with the coronavirus, you do not come to our practice in order not to endanger our older chronic patients.

An overview of the practices that you treat if you suspect COVID-19 can be found here: https://www.kvberlin.de/30patienten/39corona/covid_19_praxen/index.html.

In these difficult times, we will try to keep our chronically ill patients cared for with scheduled appointments. To protect fellow patients, it is imperative that they contact us beforehand if they have cold symptoms / cough / fever / sore throat. We will then reorder your scheduled date.

This pandemic is a big challenge for all of us, we all have to adapt and help each other. There will be restrictions, waiting times and inconvenience during this time, we apologize for this, but it is inevitable. Please help us with a cool head and a friendly nature. Our team will thank you.