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Ambulantes Centrum Berlin
Warschauer Strasse 56
10243 Berlin

Phone.:030 29 11 902
Telefax:030 827 175 21

Changes in office hours, vaccinations and cold symptoms

Dear patients,

please note the following Information:

Change of office hours:

On October 27th, 2021 there will be no general doctor's consultation. If you have acute complaints, please contact us by making an appointment.


As of November, we will only be offering the BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine as a Covid vaccination! Please refrain from written and telephone inquiries about a Johnson vaccination. We have already put all vaccination appointments online.

1. Appointments for the Covid vaccinations are made on our website. In our practice, the vaccines from Johnson & Johnson and BioNTech / Pfizer are inoculated.

for Johnson & Johnson

for BioNTech

an BioNTech Booster

2. For the flu vaccination, please use the online appointment system:

3. If there are no appointments available online, check the appointments again at a later point in time. We regularly release new dates.

Cold symptoms

Please only come to our practice if you are free from cold symptoms. For the acute treatment of colds, please use the Corona practices:

The pandemic poses great challenges for all of us, we know this. As a practice team, we have to cope with all vaccinations in addition to the regular program, so you will help us and ultimately yourself if you carefully check the above information before contacting us.

Your ACB team