Duplex sonography of carotid arteries

Duplex sonography is a high-resolution ultrasonic examination in which vessel changes can be detected early-on. The emphasis is on the vessels supplying the brain, particularly the carotid arteries; the vascular wall thickness can be measured exactly with a computer and constrictions which could restrict blood flow can be detected.

The process is also used to determine the risk of stroke and heart attack. Specifically, it provides helpful information for early detection of the following illnesses, among others:

  • Atherosclerosis
  • Vascular constriction (stenosis)
  • Plaque (advanced vascular constriction)

Duplex sonography is also used to monitor success or progress after operations or with medicinal therapy.

Please note that public health insurance companies do not reimburse the costs of duplex sonography of carotid arteries as a preventative examination. The method is an individual health care procedure which patients with public health care must pay for themselves.

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