Our Team

All members of our team have excellent training and stay up-to-date with medical advances with regular advanced trainings. Dr. Frank Beekman M.D. and Dr. Rainer Ruf M.D. have not only gained a wide range of specialized medical expertise in countless wards, but have also gathered many years of hands-on experience.

You can find more information in our professional résumés:

Dr. Rainer Ruf M.D.

Dr. Frank Beekmann M.D.

Erhan Dogani

Dr. Bettina Brunhuber M.D. (resident)

Dr. Judith Berg M.D.

Dr. Paul Jetzschmann M.D. (resident)

Mrs. Borchert

Mrs. Diekmann

Mrs. Ulbrich

Mr. Traenkner

Mrs. Hartmann

Mrs. Wenig