Dr. Rainer Ruf M.D.


2001 – 2002 First year resident, Center for Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Professor M. Brandis M.D., University Medical Center Freiburg
2002 – 2003First year resident, research laboratory of Professor F. Hildebrandt M.D, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor/USA
2003 – 2004Resident physician, general pediatrics, Professor E. Mayatepek M.D., Department of Pediatrics at Düsseldorf University Hospital
2004 – 2007Resident physician, cardiology, Professor R. Dietz M.D., Franz Volhard Clinic, Charité, Buch campus, Berlin
2007 – 2012Resident physician, cardiology, Dr. Ralph Schoeller, M.D., DRK Clinic Westend, Berlin
2012 – 2013Resident physician/senior physician, cardiology, Professor Henning Baberg M.D., Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch, Berlin
2013 - 2016Senior physician, cardiology, Dr. Frank Beekman M.D., Helios Health Clinic, Hellersdorf, Berlin
2001PhD at the University of Freiburg
2009Recognition as specialist for internal medicine
2011Specialization in cardiology in the area of internal medicine
2011Certificate of competence in pacemaker therapy, German Cardiac Society
2013Recognition of focus as Hypertensionologist DHL
2013Certificate of competence in ICD therapy, German Cardiac Society
2015Additional qualification in interventional cardiology, German Cardiac Society