Mission statement

For us as a team, a trusting doctor-patient relationship is an indispensible foundation for our work. That is why we take time for you, see you as a whole, individual person – not just a collection of symptoms – and place great importance on consultation. Every patient, regardless of descent, religion or social postion, can expect our 100% attention and care. Not until you not only feel you have received excellent medical care, but when you also feel comfortable, have we lived up to our mission statement. 

For this purpose, we also place great value on dealing with others in a way characterized by friendliness, empathy, openness and respect. This applies both for our patients and within our team. Our communication culture makes it possible for all cogs in the machine to work together so that everyone can make their contribution in their respective field for a common purpose: to cure our patients quickly and with great care. 

To make sure this is successful, we, on the one hand, place emphasis on a coordinated interplay of personal exertise and experience and, on the other hand, on technological support and medical networks. All members of our team therefore continue to study and undergo trainings and keep themselves up-to-date with the current state of research. Consistent quality management ensures that potential sources of error are detected early and eliminated – getting a bit better every day is our motto. In addition, we use the most modern technologies when they have been proven to be advantageous in terms of results, chances of recovery and/or tolerability. We are in principle open to alternative methods that have proved successful in practice, as our offer of acupuncture shows. And finally, we see ourselves as fair partners of other health care providers, not as competitors; they are the foundation for successful treatment across professional disciplines.

The efficiency of our team plays an important role for us. In medicine, efficiency more than anything means that patients recover quicker and with less effort, which is in their interest. In addition, efficient use of resources and instruments ensures less strain on the environment and, ultimately, lower health insurance rates. In this way we also fulfill our social responsibility as a medium-size company.

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